Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Smart Grow LLC is a mobile application development company. Smart Grow LLC respects your right to privacy. This Privacy Notice explains who we are, how we collect, share and use personal information about you, and how you can exercise your privacy rights. This Privacy Notice applies to personal information that we collect through our mobile applications. If you use our applications, you agree to this Privacy Notice and your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to this Privacy Notice, please do not use our mobile applications.

Please be advised that the Smart Grow LLC utilizes the following Service Providers to collect data:

Smart Grow LLC uses AppsFlyer is an ad tracking service provider to collect data of sources of application installs and purchases, including the user’s country of origin. Smart Grow LLC uses Facebook for advertising purposes, which we use to collect data on user’s country of origin, number of installs, purchases, in-app activity such as launches, in-app events, purchases.

Smart Grow LLC does distribute mobile applications within all of the member states of the European Union. As such, Smart Grow LLC does comply with all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). In compliance with the GDPR, Smart Grow LLC only processes data for authorized purposes; ensures data accuracy and integrity; minimizes the exposure of all application user’s data; and implements required data security.

In furtherance of Smart Grow LLC’s data security efforts, Smart Grow is committed to the following items:
— Implementing safeguards to keep data for additional processing;
— Implementing data protection measure, by default; and
— Implementing data security (as indicated within our privacy policy and user agreement) as a contractual requirement, based on risk assessment, and encryption.

Smart Grow LLC understands and agrees that user data cannot be kept indefinitely. Smart Grow LLC will completely erase data from all repositories in the following situations:
— Users revoke their consent to Smart Grow LLC’s retention of user data
— A partner organization requests data deletion; and/or
— A service or agreement comes to an end.

Finally, Smart Grow LLC implements the very highest degree of data security breach notification methods, according to the following requires:
— Smart Grow LLC will notify all appropriate regulatory authorities within 72 hours of an actual or suspected data security breach;
— Smart Grow LLC will describe to all appropriate regulatory authorities the consequences of the actual or suspected data security breach; and
— Smart Grow LLC will communicate the data security breach directly to all affected users.

If you may want to stop data sharing and thus terminate the current agreement, please, inform us by email: support at smartgrow dot club